Planning an event from an 18th Birthday to a Corporate function we can provide the perfect disco for your event

Our DJ has nearly 20 years experience as a mobile and nightclub DJ working in some of the biggest nightspots and venues across Cumbria, North Lancashire & The Scottish Borders.

We use a computer based digital playback system which allows us to search our extensive music library in under a second. We carry backup units with us in the unlikely event of equipment failure. Our sound system is capable of catering for events from 2 to 200+ people and we are always aware of our sound levels at events to ensure that the music is loud enough for people to dance to on the dancefloor but also quiet enough so that people wanting to talk at the back of the room don’t have to shout at each other.

Our fantastic lightshow is computer controlled and linked to run in perfect sync with the music. Where venues allow we also use an effects unit to introduce a small haze into the air to allow the beams of light to stand out adding an extra dimension to the display.

The most important point we make is that when you book us for your event it is us who will be coming to your event. We are not an agency and do not take multiple booking for the same date to pass to third parties.

Additional Services

LED Uplighting

With led uplighters we can completely transform your venue into a matching colour scheme for your event.  We can set them to a single colour, two alternate colours and can also include them into our lightshow if required. 


Perfect for Corporate Events, Christmas Parties & Fund Raisers. Our SpeedQuizzing system brings the fun of a game show to your event. We can provide a general knowledge quiz or a quiz specific to your event.

Video Display

Large format video screen for photo slideshows or product launch videos. Can also be used for playback of music videos and visualizations during our disco.

Audio Hire

We can setup our sound system with 2 wireless microphones for events or corporate events. Also capable of audio playback via USB, SD Card, Aux cable or Bluetooth