What is Speedquizzing

SpeedQuizzing is an interactive quiz game hosted from our computer system and played on smartphones and tablets.

Players take part in the same way they would a pen and paper quiz, but instead of pens and paper, each team uses a free app on their smart device, with the presenter reading questions from a computer.

How is SpeedQuizzing different to a traditional trivia quiz?

Rather than having an unspecified amount of time to decide on an answer, teams are given a time-limit of 10 seconds after the question as been read, during which they input an answer using the keypad on their devices screen. This gives players considerably less time to attempt to cheat!

Answers are submitted by a single tap on the device screen, i.e. first letter of the answer, or multiple-choice (A.B.C.D etc).

The answer is revealed after each question, rather than all together at the end of a round or the entire quiz.

Scoring is taken care of automatically by the computer, with the leader-board being accessible throughout the event.

SpeedQuizzing uses sound effects which are played through the sound system to create an upbeat lively atmosphere, more in keeping with a TV gameshow than a pen and paper quiz.

What additional features and benefits does SpeedQuizzing offer over a Pen & Paper Quiz?

We have had a quiz in the past but had regular teams win every week. Can other teams stand a chance of winning?

We can have a fast track rule in the quiz where if the top 3 teams get the wrong answer we can boost the team the fastest answer to the top of the scoreboard by 1 point. We can also have buzzer rounds and voting rounds where we ask an opinion question and the side of the vote with the most teams gets points. There are also bonus points for been the fastest team to answer questions

Between rounds of the quiz (we normally have 3 rounds of 20 questions in a quiz) we can place either sponsor logos and offers if you are having a charity or fundraising night or bar and food offers for pubs directly onto the teams device during the breaks between rounds. Also we can put this information on a big screen or use a projector. Contact us if you would like to make use of this feature.

Prizes And Help With Promotional Material

We provide a winners mug as part of the quiz package. These can be left as our standard mug design or changed to include your logos and branding. We also offer at additional one off cost the production of promotional A4 size posters and graphics suitable for use on social media. Other design and size options available. Contact us to discuss your needs.